Seeking screenplays for short film projects on a rolling basis.  

We're interested in short, fictional dramas or dark comedies, 12 pages or less (screenplay format). We are seeking great stories from around the country for development & production in our area.

No horror scripts, please.

You can learn more about our non-profit film collaborative by visiting 


First and foremost we are looking for great stories. For 2015 we are primarily interested in short fictional dramas or dark comedies, but almost any quality story will be of interest to us. (No horror scripts, please.)

All scripts must comply with standard screenplay formatting in order to be read.

Submitted scripts should not exceed 10-12 pages in total length.  Shorter scripts are preferred because they are easier to produce.  

Preference will be given to small-cast scripts (4 principal roles or fewer) with modern-day, general locations. 

Screenplays without exotic locations, futuristic and/or period settings, or the need for extensive visual effects stand a much greater chance of being produced. Our proximity and access to rural and historic locations in the southeast may help make screenplays featuring those elements attractive. However, great stories will be strongly considered regardless of where they are set.